Mei is our sexy, Japanese lady who is an expert in Japanese and professional massage.

Mei is a slim built, loves going to the gym and enjoys travelling.

She is shy by nature but smoking sexy and sensual when it comes to love making!

Photos will be published this week. Meanwhile, do come and visit us at 54 Byron Street, Sydenham for an obligation free introduction with Mei or call on 03 366 2428.

Name: Mei 
Age: 22
Nationality: Japanese
Size: 7 slim with a D cup bust. 5″3 in height 
Eyes: Brown 
Hair: long dark hair 
Tattoos: no 


Mon: 2pm –  9pm
Tue: Off
Wed: 2pm – 9pm
Thu: Off
Fri: 2pm – 9pm
Sat: 2pm – 9pm
Sun: 12 – 9pm

03 366 2428

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